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    Brenda Cabrera

    While reading the article “The Way of All Meat: Undercover in an Industrial Slaughterhouse” by Ted Conover, it was a very powerful eye-opener for me, as often the realities of the meatpacking industry are hidden. The article focuses on providing the reader with a comprehensive, step-by-step process on how the knocker, whose job is to “place the gun against the animal’s forehead and pull the trigger,” should slaughter cows. Also mention how it must be repeated if the cow is not already dead and the inspections that are done on the head, lungs, heart and liver to avoid contamination and any disease in order to be approved and obtain a USDA seal. However, I found this very disturbing and harsh. I think it shouldn’t be done so cruelly to get the same results. As someone who eats beef, it makes me sick to think about eating not just beef but any meat in general again, since the process is probably the same or similar. This not only reflects on the workers and the traumatic experiences they might go through, but also on us, the buyers/consumers. Furthermore, the article allows us to understand how men power is promoted throughout the industry, since there is a minority of women and they do not receive the same threat, which makes some of them “stand out” like Carolina. This empowers a more explored consciousness and questions ethical choices in our approach to food consumption. Lastly, I am glad that the author allows us into his personal life by letting us know that with these approaches he became a vegetarian, which should inspire more people to participate in a change.

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