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    Brenda Cabrera

    Around November 3rd I decided to go out with a friend and one of the activities we wanted to do was go to the greenmarket located in Parkchester, in the Bronx it is normally open only on Fridays. It was a really nice experience, we were able to see many locals taking advantage of the seasonal varieties that we normally get in stores throughout the year and others not so much. One of the reasons green markets exist and are important, especially in New York, is because, according to the organization’s website, they “conserve farmland and ensure a continuing supply of fresh, local produce to New Yorkers.” The types of foods sold in these types of markets are vegetables and fruits, all very recognizable such as potatoes, carrots, corn, pumpkin, tomatoes, as well as apples, berries, grapes, peaches and much more. However, I noticed that the prices were different, although not drastically, just by cents compared to other stores. Although there were many types of apples, the Granny Smith (green apple) seemed to be close in price: it was $1.99/lb at the market and about $1.33/lb at my store. Even if money doesn’t make a big difference, the quality of each one can demonstrate why is better to stick at a store or in a greenmarket at times.

    The ingredient I chose for my presentation are potatoes (russet potatoes)

    1. Potatoes can be used for any of the following menu styles: appetizers, sides, desserts, and meals. Two examples of these could be mashed potatoes and French fries.
    2. I would choose this product over sweet potatoes because they have a sweeter flavor and cauliflower because it is a little more bitter, which puts the potato right in the middle.
    3. Its origin began in South America, however over time it has expanded its growth and can also be found in farms located in Western New York.



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