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Portrait Lighting for Mood

In this photograph it uses three different types of light, which would be fill light, key light, and back light. In the fill light it show soft shadows all around her. In the key light you can see the triangle … Continue reading

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The lighting in this image is called backlight. Its where a night is placed behind the person, which creates a silhouette effect.

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Rosalie Ruiz 10.2.14

Shallow Depth of field is when the main object is sharp and clear, and the back ground soft and blurry. The way to get this type of picture is by focusing on one object up close.

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Learning Log 1

One vocabulary word from, visual elements would be negative space. Even one has their own views on what negative space is. It can can mean its the empty space that surround an important object in the photograph or the small … Continue reading

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