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Painting with light

  From todays activity “painting with light” this was one of the single best photographs. With the light we painted a silhouette with different colors in the background. This was the most creative way that we used the lighting.

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Single best photo

The mood of this photo is very happy which is what makes it work well. The lighting used was key light, fill light and background light. Out of the pictures I took today I think this photograph captured the mood … Continue reading

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From todays class this was one of the best photos because of the lighting and the emotion was captured. This photograph was taken with side light giving the other side a shadow. This is a front view portrait.

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Lighting Direction

from todays class this is my single best lighting direction photograph. This picture was taken with a black background with side light. What I like about this photo is hat you can see the light going through the leaves and … Continue reading

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Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis Exhibition

When I entered the exhibition the first thing I saw was “Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis” in big letters with a short description of what the exhibit is about. Next to the description is one of Salgado’s photographs. The exhibit is very … Continue reading

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Shallow DOF

This photograph was my best example of Shallow Depth of Field. It shows the distance between the nearest and the farthest objects in the scene. The focus is on the flower so it appears sharper and the background is unfocused … Continue reading

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Rule Of Thirds By Ashley Warner

From todays assignment, this was my best photograph. It is a strong example of Rule of thirds because the subject is on the side and nothing in the middle. This photograph is interesting because it has a pattern. It also … Continue reading

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Best Photo; Ashley Warner

Out of my groups photographs I like this one the best. It is a close up shot and it is viewed at eye- level. It has a curved line because of the egde of the chair. This shot has a … Continue reading

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Ashley Warner HW #1

This is a photograph by Dawoud Bey called “A man at Lenox Avenue and 125 Street, 1977”. In this photograph there is a man standing on the street corner wearing a suit and a hat. He has his hand in … Continue reading

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Ashley warner class assignment

I find the photograph very interested and unique because of the colors and the boys in the picture. This photograph is an example of diffused/ revealing light because it has almost no shadows. This photograph was composed very well from the … Continue reading

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