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LL8- painting with light

This photo was very sharp and in focus. A mix of green and white lights were twirled together in place to create the overall effect of Destiny creating a tornado.

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LL2 more composition

  This image has a lot of patterns created by contrast of light and dark. Also its a cropped image that focuses on the chair

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Learning Log: Portrait

This image was taken with a side light on a black background. Half of her face lurks in the shadows while the other half is seen in the light. This light creates a mysterious feeling. This is a close up … Continue reading

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Learning Log:Light

This is my favorite Photograph. The light shines from the top right corner to produce this dramatic effect. The top flower is overwhelmed in light while the bottom one is submerged in darkness. This Photo is a close up, which … Continue reading

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Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis

Overall the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis exhibit was very interesting. The exhibit had a simplistic a appeal to it. There┬ámaybe roughly 100 or more photos in the exhibit. It was divided into 5 categories , there┬áwas┬áNorthern Spaces , Kluane┬á , Sanctuaries … Continue reading

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Shallow Depth of Field

    This picture is a prime example of shallow depth of field. This is basically the length between the closet and farthest points in the picture. You can try using shallow depth of field by altering the aperture , … Continue reading

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This photo is visually interesting because of its close up angle. Due to the close shot the simple fence post transforms into an engaging pattern. The aged lines embedded in the wood holds different tones creating darker and lighter shades. … Continue reading

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Chantelle Campbell HW 1

This photograph Central Park Bench, New York City, USA, 2000 was taken by Michael Kenna. The image captures the simplicity of our very own New York City Central Park Bench. Although there are no people in this photo┬áthere is a┬ásense … Continue reading

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Learning Log 1- Composition

The visual concept of this picture interested me. The different tones and contrast created a visual frame for the focus of the image which was the person. ┬áI determined the frame to be the edges of darkness meeting the cast … Continue reading

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