Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis

Overall the Sebastiao Salgado: Genesis exhibit was very interesting. The exhibit had a simplistic a appeal to it. There¬†maybe roughly 100 or more photos in the exhibit. It was divided into 5 categories , there¬†was¬†Northern Spaces , Kluane¬† , Sanctuaries , Africa and Amazonia and Pantanal.¬† All of the photos in the exhibit are black and white which allow the photos to use contrast and shadow to create a visual enhancement. I think the exhibit is directed to modern lifestyle people. It allows us to compare our current life style to the way all of man kind’s lifestyle use to be. The exhibit is called Genesis because it refers to a new begging , these pictures capture earth in it’s purest form.

The images of this exhibit are based on a natural lifestyle. The photos taken are displaying what life is like without technology. I think Salgado is trying to stress the importance of man kind creating a connection to nature. The pictures show people working closely together to survive as one , this is Salado expressing the significance in humans peacefully existing with each other in nature.

My favorite photograph came from the Northern Spaces category , it was Saint Clare Creek. This black and white photo used light to create dark and bright tones none as contrast. The image appears to be taken a little higher than eye level.¬† The main focus of the photograph the large exposure of light departing from the cloud, it looks as thou God’s reach to restore earth’s simplicity. The image features shallow depth of field.

This exhibit was ultimately about capturing¬†different groups of people living in the purest form. Sebastiao ¬†is interested in¬†restoring nature’s plants¬†, wildlife and tribal culture. In order to restore nature he had to bring awareness to the fact¬†that groups of people all over the world still connect deeply with the earth. This exhibit shocked me a first because it was extremely interesting to se the different conditions people live in. It brought awareness to¬†different customs of different cultures¬†, rare animal species as¬†well as earth natural beauty.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You describe the exhibit well and clearly understood its organization by geography. Salgado is known for his high contrast black and white style. Your response makes me question whether Salgado should have included the photos of the aboriginal people. these photos are fascinating but maybe take away from the agenda of bringing attention to climate change.

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