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Lighting Direction

I like this photo because of the different shades of yellow created from light and dark. The color of the pedal starts to brighter from bottom right towards the top left. This would also be an extreme close up photo … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

I choose this specific photo because I like how the light seems like its bouncing around Ivan. The method required the light to go around Ivan fast enough before the photo was taken but as you can see on Ivan’s … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting for Mood

This is one of my favorite photograph we shoot in class. I choose this one because his mood matches with the lighting. The expression on his face blends in with the deep dark background. Having one light on the side … Continue reading

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ICP – Sebastiao Salgado – Genesis

The Sebastiao Salgado show Genesis displayed black and white photographs of nature and the people who lives in it. I would generally say there were about 200 photographs in this exhibit. These photographs were categorized as Northern Space, Sanctuaries, Africa, … Continue reading

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Depth of Field Photograph – Calvin Wang

I chose this as my favorite photo because it really brings out the depth of field. The series of benches next to one another creating a sort of depth perspective. The bench closest to the camera and down creates the … Continue reading

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Class Trip Favorite Photo – Calvin Wang

I like this picture because the logs is like a frame for all the rocks and pebbles in the center of the photo. It kind of makes you focus on both the logs and rocks. The many color of rocks … Continue reading

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10/4/2014 Best Photograph – Calvin Wang

 I choose this picture as the best because it has a lot of details. It is an extreme close-up shot as well as shallow depth of field. In the photo you can clearly see the dust so you know that … Continue reading

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Calvin Wang – Homework #1 Photo Description The Lams of Ludlow Street Photographer – Thomas Holton Photograph – The Lams of Ludlow Street This image is one of the many photographs Thomas Holton has taken in his selection of “The Lams of Ludlow Street”. The series … Continue reading

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Calvin Wang Light This photograph is categorized as Glowing Light. I chose this picture because I like lighting provided by the moon to create a sort of atmospheric environment. This environment blends in with the reflection of the light from the ocean. The … Continue reading

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