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The Sebastiao Salgado show Genesis displayed black and white photographs of nature and the people who lives in it. I would generally say there were about 200 photographs in this exhibit. These photographs were categorized as Northern Space, Sanctuaries, Africa, Planet South, and Amazonia and Pantanal. When I got to the exhibit there was a tour going on with audience consistent of young adult to much old adults. As I was there I also saw other students looking around as well as some sitting down reading. I believe Sebastiao Salgado named his project Genesis to show us the amazing moments nature has given us. With the photographs consist of animals and human colliding together with nature living in peace.

In this exhibit the photographs were consist of animals in their natural habitat, people of Africa, beautiful views of nature taking its course. All these were all taken in white and black, there were no photographs taken in color. I believe the reason for this is that Sebastiao wanted us to see these in black and white. Generally black and white photographs gives off a meaning to being old and precious. Nature has been with us since the beginning. Having these photos taken in black and white allows us to embrace nature and remind us of what nature has given us and what nature has created. No technology involved just nature.



One of the many photographs I love in the exhibit would be the mountain and volcano. The photo description says “A tundra valley extends between the Tolbachik and Kamen volcanos. In the background, a line of clouds separates a “small” crater some 2,600 feet high from the huge base of Kamen Volcano, which rises 15,000 feet above sea level. Kamchatka. Russia. 2006.”. Just looking at it is amazing. At first I couldn’t believe this was real. It just seem like a picture someone photo shopped. That huge Kamen Volcano is the background is just insane. The size of it compared to the mountains below it. The black and white really brings out the real nature of the volcano as well as the clouds. This photo uses long shot as well as wide depth of field. You can clearly see the surroundings of the volcano. It is also a balance / centered image. This photograph also gives off a very high contrast color.

This exhibit is generally about nature. It is trying to show us what nature has created throughout millions of years. It is showing us places that has been forgotten and that we should pay more attention to. For Sebastiao to take all of these photos in black and white I believe hes trying to have us remember these moments we live in. Moments that nature created for us, for this planet.

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  1. rmichals says:

    The photo you picked to discuss is very striking. As you correctly state the scale of the volcano is astounding as it dwarfs the mountain in the front of the photo.

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