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best photo

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BEst photo

the lighting of the photo helps create a playful mood

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Shallow Depth Of Field

best picture of the day

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Best Photo- Portrait

  The light reflecting off the glasses and his face works well together.

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Brianna Maniscalco-Best Picture-Sept. 11th

This is my favorite photo of the day because it is more focused on the right and then it gets harder to see as it goes to the left. It is an example of pattern.  

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Brianna Maniscalco – Best Picture.

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Homework 1-Brianna Maniscalco

The photograph I have chosen is Chrysler Building by Michael Kenna. The subject matter of this picture is city buildings, focusing on the Chrysler Building. The feeling I get from this a feeling of relief or hope. The Chrysler building is the only … Continue reading

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  One thing I learned today was the correct use of backlight. Before today I thought backlight was coming from behind the camera, but it doesn’t it comes toward the camera. This picture ( stood out to me the most … Continue reading

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