Homework 1-Brianna Maniscalco


The photograph I have chosen is Chrysler Building by Michael Kenna. The subject matter of this picture is city buildings, focusing on the Chrysler Building. The feeling I get from this a feeling of relief or hope. The Chrysler building is the only building that is it in the center, and it is mostly in light. I get this feeling because all of the other buildings seem to be black, or dark gray. The light gray building makes me think of  hope in the darkest of time. The Chrysler building is surrounded by darkness which also makes me think of hope.

This photo was taken from a low level. There are no patterns in this photograph. This photo shows extensive depth of field. It seems to be side lit because you can see a shadow on the building directly in front of the Chrysler Building. There is high contrast in the picture because there are very dark grays and very light grays. These elements contribute to the mood and feeling of the picture because it draws focus to the main object.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You describe this photo accurately. Placing the Chrysler building right in the center also draws our attention right too it. Certainly, photographers use of light can lend itself to being read as a metaphor-here the idea of light in the dark. I doubt though that the photographer meant to make the Chrysler building hopeful. I think he just wanted to make it beautiful. And there is maybe a nostalgia here as the bigger newer less ornate buildings serve as a frame for the older New York icon.

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