Sebastiao Selgado Show Review – Ferdinand Martinez

The Sebastiao Selgado show is a series of black and white photographs taken in untouched parts of the world. By untouched I mean areas of the world that have no sort of urban life or culture. There were two floors and each part of the world was categorized by sections on the walls. The purpose of the show is to bring awareness to these rare settings and the possibility that they will cease to exist eventually. Many different forms of wildlife, lands, and tribe’s are demonstrated in these photographs. The first floor photographs mainly consisted climate’s in the arctic and how they are changing. I believe that the photographs do a great job in demonstrating the settings that are being shown. My favorite photo’s involve the arctic climate’s.

The bottom floor consisted of wildlife, and the tribe’s that have existed in their unique and ancient lifestyle’s for generations. My favorite section would have been the Amazonian. I think these photographs really capture the extremely strict customs that these tribe’s go by that most of us would never imagine doing. These unique ways of life are truly shown in these photographs. Two specific photographs I recall include the living conditions of one of the tribes, which includes living in a tree house very high up in a tree. These tree houses look extremely unsafe with multiple people living in them so high up along with the build of the tree house looking a bit fragile.

The exhibition didn’t seem to focus on the climate change but focused more on what is currently there and showing a present/before things change for the worse. I personally wish I could see a few of the images in color out of curiosity. But overall it was enjoyable being exposed to these photo’s.

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  1. rmichals says:

    You do a good job of describing the exhibit as a whole. I also asked you to select a specific work and describe it in detail. Your description notes the subject matter but doesn’t go beyond that.

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