Stephen Alneus HW#1

The photo that I found that stood out the most was the Michael Kenna, titled Empire State Building, Study 5, the subject matter of the photo was the empire state building in the New York skyline and in terms of mood the photo it seems to be putting off both a light and dark moods due to the fact that the building itself has the light of the sun that shines on the building and in the reflection the building across showing what seem to be a darker version of the itself without light. The photo can be found at The feeling of the photo to me has a somewhat of a New York feel when you get off the train in Manhattan and look up and see that you are surrounded by nothing but, giant buildings like in the start of a movie.
The photographers seems to be using a variety of forms in which he took this photo from the view point which as a low angle that shows the buildings skyline in terms of line it seems to have both strong horizontal and vertical lines that expresses the building structure and the skyline itself. The photo has what I believe to be a balanced/symmetrical one due to the angle in which the photo is taken the photo also seems to be a mix of close-up and long shot to the fact the building in which the empire is reflected in seems to be the close-up in the photo while the other buildings include in the empire seems to be the long shot. As I look at the photo is begin to see various things such as how the photo has a wide depth of field due to the fact that everything in the photo is visible. These elements help to create the mood of the photo due to the fact of how the photo is put together has the feel of one of the those New York movies from the 90’s the would pan the New York skyline before when would meet the main character of the story.

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  1. rmichals says:

    The angle of view here is so important. As you state this is shot from a low angle. It is what makes the empire state building loom above us.

    The term close up means that we are literally close to the subject and it usually covers a very small area. Someone’s coffee or only part of their face.

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