In the internship classes, students were asked to consider how Gordon Parks can serve as a role model on Ethics in using creativity to highlight injustice in America. In Digital Media Foundations, students were asked to reflect on a specific Parks photograph that resonated with them. The gallery displays images of these reflective writings alongside
specific Gordon Parks’ photos.

In adhering to Ethics on widening online viewer inclusivity to the Gordon Parks Project, the internship students provided 2 additional accessibility formats, within their open lab blogs.

Links to the intern student blogs are provided below.:

The Audio in all was generated by software screen reader Blackboard Ally,, a free covid public service.  Students were instructed to provide the software screen reader with Image Accessibility using Alt Text (  ) ( ) or appropriate image description.

COMD Students:
If your submission to the BFA Show 2020 is missing from this gallery, please contact Prof Woolley or Prof Goetz