This semester, as part of the college wide Gen Ed Theme CONNECTED, the Communication Design department presents Celebrating the Life and Work of Gordon Parks β€” A COMD Student Group Art Show

β€œI chose my camera as a weapon against all the things I dislike about America –

 poverty, racism, discrimination.”

-Gordon Parks

This Gordon Parks Themed Exhibition was open to all to all work, big or small, inspired the work of the visionary creator. For this show we invited you, COMD students, to respond to the life and work of Parks in any medium. Or rather, to choose as your “weapon”.

The response was completely overwhelming! You have spoken in a resounding voice, across all of the creative disciplines we teach. You, like Parks are using your creative “weapons to stand against the things you dislike about America”. We are so very proud of all of you: our artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, filmmakers, communicators, problem-solvers, change-makers and strategists. 

— Professor Sara GΓ³mez Woolley, Grace Gallery Director

COMD Students:
If your submission to the BFA Show 2020 is missing from this gallery, please contact Prof Woolley or Prof Goetz