Entry Four

Since starting my position here at Project Economics I am learning a lot more about how energy supply works. Before I would just receive my power bill in the mail and just pay it, now I’m more informed and now I know what I’m paying for exactly and how I can save myself some money. If I hadn’t have received this opportunity to work here I would have continued to be ignorant about the world of energy retailers. Also this is my first time working in a office so I’m getting used to the whole office environment and working as a graphic designer and having meetings with my team to discuss our marketing direction.

A typical day at work for me I’ll show up around 10:00 am, I’ll turn on my laptop and open up Adobe Illustrator. If I finished a task the day before I will show my boss and get feedback. I will generally just be left to do design work on my own while the rest of the team members work on building the website. After lunch I will usually show my boss the progress I am making so for that day and then I will just work till 6:00 pm .

This is a new project I started working on. It is a timeline of the company’s history. I decided to use a personification of a light bulb to add a more modern youthful feel to this infographic.


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