General Education at City Tech

Beyond the specific requirements of their degree programs, City Tech students experience our signature General Education Common Core that encompasses the knowledge, skills, and values determined by the faculty to be essential for success in every degree program. Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, and integrated into every major, Gen Ed at City Tech inspires students to make connections across disciplinary lines and enriches their understanding of the moral, civic, and creative dimensions of life. It is the foundation for our hallmark technological and professional programs of study.

City Tech’s General Education Common Core enables students to meet CUNY’s Pathways requirements while also meeting the degree requirements of their programs. The requirements include specific classes, categories of classes, and overall requirements which vary by degree.

Pathways is the name of CUNY’s general education categories that reinforce educational excellence while easing student transfer between CUNY colleges. The requirements under the Pathways Initiative apply to all new students, first-year and transfers, and to students readmitted after an absence longer than two semesters.