Course Coordination Working Group Page

2016-2018 Course Coordination Liaison Charge:

A two-year commitment to lead course-level improvement of student learning and the student experience. Course coordination liaisons (CCL) will work with course instructors, other members of their department/chairs, fellow liaisons, deans, members of the Gen Ed and Assessment Committees and others to evaluate course content, course materials and pedagogical practices, and implement, reassess, and share effective course coordination practices.


  • Gretta Fernandes, Health and Human Services, Co-Chair
  • José M. Reyes Álamo, Computer Engineering Technology, Co-Chair
  • Dionne Bennett, African American Studies
  • Pamela Brown, Associate Provost
  • Asm Delowar Hossain, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology
  • Renata Ferdinand, English
  • Jennett Ingrassia, Radiologic Technology
  • Julia Jordan, Hospitality Management
  • Kara Pasner, Vision Care Technology
  • Susan Phillip, Hospitality Management
  • Anthony Sena, Restorative Dentistry


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