In the Fall of 2012, the Gen Ed Committee formed three Working Groups.

From Provost August’s charge to the groups:

The goal of the sub-groups is to raise awareness and understanding of General Education among both faculty across the curriculum and students, to ensure a robust implementation across the curriculum. Proposed sub-groups are:

  1. A group focused on activities for faculty to increase understanding of one another’s disciplines and develop a shared understanding of general education. The focus would be on how to bring departments on board, as well as on developing a strong network of cross-curricular connections. This sub-group would build on the work of the Title V Living Lab and other professional development work at the college.
  2. A group focused on students, including ways to engage students in activities that link general education goals and work in the majors. Some ideas mentioned at the last meeting included portfolios, internships, undergraduate research, capstones.
  3. A group focused on the representation of general education to all constituencies, including an advisement kit and other deliverables.

Each group will be expected to develop a small number of projects, perhaps 1-3 depending on scale, that will be completed during this academic year and that can be reported in the Periodic Review Report to be submitted to Middle States at the end of the academic year.

Some resources for these projects include Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), Writing Intensive Courses, the Faculty Commons, the NSF I Cubed lab surveys and case-study work.

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