I was never aware of how important a writing agreement can be until I learn how clear it can make the communication between the designer and client. After reading the AIGA guide on copyright ethics, this quote stood to me “Every agreement should be in writing” even on a rush project and especially when there are changes. This is helpful because sometimes there is a deadline and a change must be made but you don’t want to delay it more by having to wait for another agreement, but one should always make sure everything is always writing and approved by both parties because it protects the designer as the client.

In my opinion, the Fairey Copyright case is fair, and he should have not denied it from the beginning.  Event thought Shepard Fairy gave the image life and portrayed hope, he should have tried other ways to credit or work with the original photographer. A case like this can refer back to the AIGA use of Illustration rights chapter because as designers we want nothing more than to express our artistic style but we should be minded and stay updated on the designing world. This situation could have been handle different when Fairey had his idea for the image he should have pitched to the original artist then come to an agreement where both parties can benefit from. 


AIGA Busines_Ethics 47556733-Use-of-illustrations-1-MB.pdf

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556770-Use-of-photography-1-MB.pdf

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