Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

The exhibit was originally a mansion build by Rockefeller before being turned into a modern art museum by the Hewitt sisters. This is exhibit showcases modern art from all over, and holds art considered ‘modern’ for its era. Some pieces from the museum that had caught my eye were PLATE (USA), 1886-1890PITCHER (USA), 1887,CARVED DRAGON VASE # 3 VASE, 1879–90.

The exhibits I visited in the museum held vintage and classic potteries and ceramics. They caught my eye because of their delicate Japanese style paintings and designs along with once being usable. All of these art works are from the Product Design and Decorative Arts department. The plate had caught my eye because of its gold, delicate designs of flowers and dots, along with the high contrast with the deep navy blue of the plate itself really brought out the stylistic floral designs. The pitcher got my attention because of the soft gradient from a subtle peach to teal up to a deep royal blue, and from there delicate white cherry blossoms followed by gold crosshatching and a bolder gold design resembling cracks. This pitcher although made in the late 1800’s has a delicate modern feeling to it because of the soft colors and delicate paintings and golden accents. The carved dragon vase was also an eye catcher because of its heavy classic Japanese art style featuring the might dragon coming up off the vase and circling around it. The vase itself is medium glazed and painted, the off-white base color along with blues and reds painted on give a classic Japanese vibe, with the sculpted addition of the dragon tying it all together.



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