About Me

I graduated from New Dorp High School 2016 from The Corporate Center for Business and Technology small learning community. I’m in my second year of college here at City Tech, and working on my associates in graphic design. My goal for when I complete my associates here at City Tech is to transfer to The City College to study architecture. I have worked at AllRenovation LLC. one summer as an office manager assistant. Along with wanting to succeed in both graphic design and architecture, I enjoy several types of art forms such as inking, sketching, and water color to the digital arts.

I have both an art blog and Instagram where I try to post art, both original and fan-made as regularly as possible, and one of my goals is to be able to get noticed enough to start commission work for extra money. I feel that as long as I get to create art, weather it is buildings, paintings, or design work, I would be happy in life because creating to bring reactions out of people is what I enjoy doing.