Course: Interactive Animation, ADV 3662 – 7262
Time: Mondays, 8-11:20am
Location: rm 1104 N
Instructor: Katy Garnier,
Office Hours: Mondays 11:30am – 12:30pm


This course introduces Adobe Flash as an animation, interactive interface design and programming tool. We will explore drawing and basic animation within the Flash interface, the addition of interactivity, and the integration of audio and video.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will work confidently in the Flash interface, and be comfortable with creating basic interactions. The course will culminate in the creation of a Flash-based interactive application.


10% – Attendance and Class Participation
25% -Weekly Assignments
25% – Project 1
40% – Final Project

Course Requirements:

Come to class on time. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late may be marked absent.

Attend all classes. Each week we will build on the work learned the week before. If you must miss a class, please let me know ahead of time. It is your responsibility to obtain any missed material from your fellow classmates, and to turn assignments in on time even if you are absent. Students missing more than two classes risk failing the course.

Turn in assignments on time. Work turned in late will lose one letter grade for every week that it is late. Work turned in more than two weeks from the due date will not be accepted. Midterm and Final projects may not be turned in late. Missing Midterm or Final project presentations in class may result in a failing grade for the project.

Ask Questions. This is a technical class, and we will be covering a lot of information in a short time. If you are confused, lost, need clarification, etc, please don’t hesitate to ask questions in class. Chances are your fellow students will benefit from the answers AND this will add to your class participation grade! I am also available between classes via email.

Academic Integrity. Plagiarism and cheating of any kind in the course of academic work will not be tolerated. Academic honesty includes accurate use of quotations, as well as appropriate and explicit citation of sources in instances of paraphrasing and describing ideas, or reporting on research findings or any aspect of the work of others (including that of instructors and other students). These standards of academic honesty and citation of sources apply to all forms of academic work (examinations, essays, theses, computer work, art and design work, oral presentations, and other projects). It is the responsibility of students to learn the procedures specific to their discipline for correctly and appropriately differentiating their own work from that of others. Compromising your academic integrity may lead to serious consequences, including (but not limited to) one or more of the following: failure of the assignment, failure of the course, academic warning, disciplinary probation, suspension from the university, or dismissal from the university.

recommended textbooks

There are no required textbooks for this class, however I will recommend both online and offline resources for further learning and reference throughout the semester.

Course Outline

(Note: this is subject to change if I feel the pace of the class needs to be altered)

Week Date Topics Homework



  • Overview and Introductions
  • The Flash Interface
  • Creating graphics in Flash
  • Using Layers
  • Testing Your Movie
Assigned: Basic Drawing



  • Intro to Animation Principles
  • Frame by Frame Animation
  • Shape Tweens
Due:Basic DrawingAssigned:

Bouncing Ball, Simple Walkcycle



2/21/12 (Tuesday!)

  • Importing Graphics into Flash
  •  Organizing Your Layers and Groups
  • Symbols
  • Filters and Blend Modes
  • Motion Tweens
Due:Bouncing Ball and Simple Walk CycleAssigned:

Project 1 Storyboard



  • Working with Text
  • Masks
  • Motion Paths
  • Filters & Blend Modes
  • Audio Part 1
Due: Project 1 StoryboardAssigned:

Project 1 Animation



Project 1 Presentations Due:Project 1



Advanced Animation Techniques 1 – Bone Tool Assigned: Bone Tool Exercise



Advanced Animation Techniques 2 – 3D transformations Due:Bone Tool ExerciseAssigned:

3D Exercise



  • Intro to Actionscript
  • Mouse Events
  •  Timeline Control
  • Understanding Functions
Due: 3D ExerciseAssigned:

Timeline control exercise



  • Loading External Assets
  • Tween Class & Tween Lite
  • Adding Audio
Due: Basic AS3 exerciseAssigned:

Simple Gallery



  • Working with dynamic and input text fields
  • Keyboard Events
  • Conditional Statements
Due:Simple Gallery

  • Madlib
  • Final Project Concept



  • Loops
  • Frame Events
  • Drag and Drop Events
  • Timers
  • Planning your Project
  • Concept Presentations

  • Madlib
  • Final Project Concept


Final Project Planning Docs



Working with Video Due:Final Project Planning Docs



One-on-One Reviews, Flash alternatives Due:Final Project Storyboards / Interface Design



Final Project Work Session Due:Final Project Draft



Final Project Presentations Due:Final Project

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