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Week 4: Advanced Motion, Text, Masks

>> week 4 examples Topics: Motion Presets Using Saving Easing In the Properties Panel With the Motion Editor Working with Text Using Classic Text (CS4) Using TLF Text (CS5) Masks More Tweens: Motion  vs. Classic Last week we talked about … Continue reading

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Week 3: Symbols, Importing, Motion Tweens and Paths

Week 3 Example Files Topics: Understanding Symbols: Symbol Types: Graphics, MovieClips, and Buttons Symbols vs. Instances, The Library Panel Break Apart Nested Animations and Timelines Blending Modes and Filters Importing Graphic Assets Bitmaps vs. Vectors Preparing Your Resource Files Import … Continue reading

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Week 2: Animation Basics

Topics: Homework Review Using the Timeline Timeline components and views Frames vs. Keyframes Selecting, moving, copying and deleting frames Creating Frame-by- Frame animations Frame by Frame animation Extremes and In-betweens Onion skinning Basic Animation Principles: Squash and Stretch Ball bounce … Continue reading

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