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NYT article: “The United States of Metrics

I hope you all got something out of studying statistics this past semester. I’ll continue to occasionally post relevant links here–as I tried to emphasize, data and statistics are becoming increasingly important is just about every field. Here is a recent New York Times article which makes that point, headlined “The United States of Metrics –“.

An excerpt:

In the last few years, there has been a revolution so profound that it’s sometimes hard to miss its significance. We are awash in numbers. Data is everywhere. Old-fashioned things like words are in retreat; numbers are on the rise. Unquantifiable arenas like history, literature, religion and the arts are receding from public life, replaced by technology, statistics, science and math. Even the most elemental form of communication, the story, is being pushed aside by the list.

It goes on to outline a number of such areas: health, sports, social media, social science, “lifestyle.”