Hello Math 1272 world!

Welcome to the OpenLab for my Spring 2014 sections of Math 1272, Introduction to Statistics.  I will use this blog primarily to post examples illustrating the concepts that we will cover in the course.

If you’re a student in one of my sections for this course, you should create an OpenLab account (see the instructions here) and join the course group. That will allow you to participate in the discussion forums, and you will also get email notifications when I post here or in the discussion forums. In particular, I will use the discussions forums for posting announcements about homework, office hours, etc.

(To join the course group, once you have an OpenLab account and have logged in, click on the “Course Profile” link at the top left of this page (just above the picture).  Then click the “Join Now” button, which should appear just underneath course photo.)

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