Welcome to the tutoring and resource site for First Year Summer Programs! This is for you, the students, of the Writing, Reading, and ESL courses to use. You’ll find a way to sign up for tutoring sessions AND links to resources that will let you work on specific things like grammar and usage on your own.

It should be easy for you to use. But if you have problems, email the administrator at DBlain@citytech.cuny.edu. Somebody will get back to you asap.

If you want to sign up for tutoring, everything you need to know is in the pdf below. Short version:

  1. Use the drop down menu to find the day you want, then scroll down to the time.
  2. Fill in your name and an email address, and hit Submit. You’ll get a confirmation email.
  3. If you have to cancel, do it more than 6 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment. If you do it later, or you don’t show up, you’ll have to write an appeal to the administrator explaining why you missed your appointment before you can sign up for another one. If you miss or cancel late again, you won’t be able to sign up for any more appointments. So be sure to cancel on time or show up! To cancel, email the administrator: DBlain@citytech.cuny.edu
  4. You’re encouraged to come in in pairs or with a small group.
  5. Walk-ins get whatever times are not filled with scheduled appointments.
  6. You can only sign up for two appointments initially. Other appointments depend on the availability of staff; you should discuss it with your tutor consultant during your second appointment.
  7. Be sure to check with your instructor about what you should work on.

Procedures and Rules

Procedures and Rules