What Is the MLA/APA and Which Do You Use In Your Discipline?

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  • What Is the MLA/APA and Which Do You Use In Your Discipline?
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    johannah rodgers

    Please tell us what discipline you are in and whether you use MLA, APA, or some other type of professional guidelines for writing in your discipline. Please also post any questions you have about the MLA or APA here.


    Michael Persaud

    My discipline is Liberal Arts and I prefer MLA citation.
    I have no further questions.



    The MLA is the Modern Language Association and the APA is the American Psychological Association. They state how college students should cite their sources when doing a paper. They provide specific orders and guidelines to follow. I do use the standard 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins. Some of it is new to me. And no i dont have any questions.


    I am a hospitality major and I have to use APA format. To be honest I don’t really know how MLA looks like because I’ve never had an opportunity to use it but APA works well for me.



    my discipline is nursing and i prefer the MLA because this seems more like the format i use anyway but ill try the APA as well, given the chance to.
    can you further explain the APA formatting



    I am a entertainment technology major, and i prefer the MLA because its just the format i was taught and i dont think id enjoy change at this point in time. We use the MLA in one of our WIC courses for E. Tech.



    I prefer to use MLA I am used to it and just prefer it.


    i am a fashion marketing major. i prefer the MLA because is more organized and it has different type of organizing different things, therefore is very useful for any major.



    my current major is liberal arts. I prefer using MLA format because I’m use to using it’s what i been using for years now. This is the first i’m hearing of APA and i choose to stick with MLA because i want to stick to what i know and not get confused. although i would like to learn more about APA. i’ll research it.



    MLA is a sort of format for writing papers and using citation.
    My Major is EMT,and i am a freshmen so i haven’t really found a use for it yet.



    My major is accountancy and because there is a lot of citing business databases i will be using APA


    My major is Architect Engineering. I use MLA guidelines for writing in your discipline, and I don’t really know how the APA guidelines works, but I am looking forward to learning more about it.



    I’m a CST major, which doesn’t involve a lot of writing. I don’t recall having to use APA much in the past so I’m more comfortable with MLA.


    Osiris A

    My major is Law and Paralegal and I haven’t gotten to the core classes for that major so I haven’t really done a lot of writing. But I am aware MLA and i find it to be very straight forward. I’ve never used the APA format.


    Osiris A

    MLA is a format for writing papers And citing sources!
    I prefer to use this format rather than the APA format . MLA fornat to me is much easier, it gets straight to the point

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