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    Kazi Naznin

    i think mesa can develop and spread his community. Because i have my own experience of have vegetable garden in our backyard. The householder gardened 2/3 of the backyard and we did 1/3 of the backyard. even though it was a short time but we farm four different types of vegetable. we sheared with our neighborhood and my relatives. they where happy and wanting to move out o privet house. we just spend $10 to farm and for the whole 3 mouth of summer my mom didn’t bought much vegetable from supper market. It was more then worth $ 10.


    Minyu Chen

    Blog it.

    I think that Mesa Verde’s food initiative will develop and spread to other neighborhoods, because it is a nice project.
    It costs a little amount of money to do that. People just have to buy some seed so that they can plant whatever they want in their backyard. Then they can have some organic and healthy food. It is much more healthier and cheaper than buy food from supermarkets. It is also a good chance that bring your family together, having fun in growing your own food.

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