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    johannah rodgers

    Section A:
    1. Happliy Ever After
    2. John and Mary Smith
    3. A Life
    4. A Happy Marriage
    5. It’s A Wonderful Life

    protagonist: John and Mary
    narrator: neighbor? nosy? objective?
    plot: straight forward and simple; canned plot; predictable
    tone: boring, monotone

    Section B
    1. Love’s a Bitch
    2. Twenty-First Century Love
    3. One-Sided Love
    4. Reality
    5. There’s Always Somebody Else
    6. Crazy Stupid Love
    7. She’s Gotta Have It
    8. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
    9. Feminist Revenge Fantasy

    protagonist: Mary
    narrator: female narrator; third person limited
    tone: angry; resentful; bitter; resigned; sarcastic?

    Section C
    1. Mad Men
    2. Midlife Crisis
    3. Love and Other Drugs
    4. Can’t Resist the Bad Boys

    protagonist: John, an older man who is married to Madge
    narrator: male/female narrator; cynical; sarcastic;
    tone: grim, dark humor
    plot: dramatic

    1. Meant to Be
    2. Tidal Wave
    3. It Happens
    4. 12/26/05

    protagonist: Fred and Madge
    narrator: ?
    plot: romantic

    1. What Does That Even Mean?
    2. Confused
    3. Unknown
    4. Survival of the Fittest
    5. In Medias Res
    7. Til Death Do Us Part
    8. Bird Watching

    protagonist: Madge
    narrator: careless, apathetic, rushed, divorced
    plot: open ended

    1. John and Mary Die
    2. From Canada With Love
    3. Maybe We Should All Move to Canada
    4. O Canada!
    5. Canada is Boring
    6. Everybody Dies in Canada

    protagonist: narrator/reader
    narrator: second person narrative perspective
    tone: truthful; tired; cynical

    Why are we reading this story?

    It makes us think about reality.
    It makes us think about relationships.
    It makes us think about fiction (reading and writing it).

    It raises some questions:

    Is this a short story? Why or why not?

    If yes, why? Please explain how it functions as a short story?
    If no, why not? What is it? How would you describe what this is?

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