File Sharing: Best Practices

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  • File Sharing: Best Practices
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    i believe that is better if we just email the work, is a easy method and we are all use to it. also we all have our own email address and understand the whole process of it.



    Openlabs seems to be the best choice.



    Posting to Openlab works for me.



    Ive just been doing all my written assignments on the Learning Journal. I dont have to post any docs i can just type up my work there and i find it works best for me, from what i read that was a viable way of doing it i want to know if im able to continue posting my work there or am i going to have to conform and use what everyone else is doing because its the cool thing to do.

    TL;DR – Im going to be hipster about this and use the Learning Journal before its cool.



    openlab seems to be the place where i like to upload our assignments, but i find it little unorganized. I prefer the email option as well



    I personally think we should use Google Documents!

    We can upload our file and email it to the professor. Currently with OpenLab, people can download our work and change it to their own. I don’t think anybody wants that. Also with Google Documents, the professor can read it through the web browser and comment what we need to work on. With OpenLab she would have to download it, comment at the bottom and email it back to you. Of course for a professor this will become too hectic for her to handle.

    So our bet option is to go with Google Documents! If anybody needs help, I’m willing to make a tutorial on how to do that or show you privately using Remote Desktop Connection.


    johannah rodgers

    Thanks, everyone, for your input and questions. My question to DonS: “How can we keep the LJ cool?!?!?!” I thought your comment about the LJ was very funny.

    Anyway, on to more serious matters: Please create new LJ entries for all of your RWA assignments, and please make sure all assignments are labeled. I usually know which assignments are which, but it is good to get into the habit of putting the assignment title or number on your assignment. When we start drafting essays and doing peer editing, we will need to have a way to exchange and comment on files. My preferred method is GoogleDrive, as you know, because this system integrates the ability to view, edit, and e-mail. However, e-mailing Word files to each other and commenting on those is another option. For now, PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD FILES TO THE OPENLAB SITE. I am concerned about privacy issues related to posting files on the OpenLab.

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