Re: Three Questions To Help Us Get To Know One Another



Hello Guys!

Prof. Rodgers & Rachel, Thank you for bringing life to this discussion! I will answer to your question Rachel as well as mine. So I’ll start off with the answers to my questions:

1. What was your dream when you were young and what is your current dream to accomplish now?

– As a young child I always wished to become a pilot. Flying always intrigued me and I was always so curious on how planes worked, but as I grew older I started to see that vision change and my current dream now is to become a very successful engineer.

2. Did your dream change as you grew older or did it stay the same? If it changed, why?

– My dream has changed. It went from wanting to become a pilot to a lawyer to an engineer. This transition occurred as I became older and more aware and involved with technology. It turned into a hobby where I would enjoy examining computers and other sources of technology to see how they work and function. I started repairing computers than as time went by I build a custom computer myself from scratch. It excited me, so this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

3. How are you planning to accomplish your dream?

– I’m planning to accomplish my dreams preparing myself with courses that are needed in order to become an engineer. I plan to do really good and get my grades up. I had my share of mistakes in the past which I want to use in order to grow and learn from. So as I stay on the right path I know that I can get there and become a successful engineer.

Now to answer Rachel’s questions:

1. What was one interesting thing you did over the summer?

– One interesting thing that I did over the summer was becoming a Visual Designer for the store I work for. It was slightly out of comfort zone because it wasn’t something I was accustomed to doing. But I was able to gain this knowledge of creativity from this experience which I was not yet aware of.

2. Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend?

– I don’t have anything special plan besides working or volunteering.

3. What has been your favorite class at City Tech? Or what class are you looking forward to taking?

– There are actually two classes I’m looking forward to taking, and that is English as well as Macroeconomics.

– Zam