Re: Please Introduce Yourself!



What is your name?
sharone toussaint

Which neighborhood/area do you live in?
i live in the canarsie area

What is your major?
Nursing (the boss major)

What year are you at City Tech?
i dont even now myself.

What have you been reading over the summer break?
ive read:
the fifity shades of grey trilolgy
Reason to breath
Barely breathing
i need more fun books to read any ideas?

hey guys how yah doin? im a short person with alot of big thing ahead of her, i love to bake and my family to death. the reason why i picked nursing as a major{not cuz im haitian} its beacuse ive always been intrested in healthcare since ive been around those nurses my whole life. i love to laugh and read and other stuff oh an food, sharone loves her food.