Re: File Sharing: Best Practices


johannah rodgers

Thanks, everyone, for your input and questions. My question to DonS: “How can we keep the LJ cool?!?!?!” I thought your comment about the LJ was very funny.

Anyway, on to more serious matters: Please create new LJ entries for all of your RWA assignments, and please make sure all assignments are labeled. I usually know which assignments are which, but it is good to get into the habit of putting the assignment title or number on your assignment. When we start drafting essays and doing peer editing, we will need to have a way to exchange and comment on files. My preferred method is GoogleDrive, as you know, because this system integrates the ability to view, edit, and e-mail. However, e-mailing Word files to each other and commenting on those is another option. For now, PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD FILES TO THE OPENLAB SITE. I am concerned about privacy issues related to posting files on the OpenLab.