Blog Post 9: Earning Experience to get where you want to

I have heard from most people that to get into what you really want to do the first step is simply just getting your foot on the door in something similar or in the industry. For example Alex Ross, a comic book artist got to become one by initially being a graphic designer. The idea is to always be working until you reach the position you want in similar fields. I have always heard this everywhere that talks about getting a job in the field you desire. The current job I have here at Essen Healthcare is a job that I will have even after this semester and hopefully when I graduate. at the end of this semester.

I currently am a part time employee because of attempting to earn my degree and hope to finish by the end of this semester. I’m currently taking internship, Senior Project, and Portfolio. I will most likely be full time when I’m finished with school. I hope to keep learning here, and to eventually keep improving my Illustration on the side to have a position in gaming and working on video game projects.

Blog Post 8: Comparison

Considering that at Essen the team is made up of 2 Graphic Designers which includes myself. It is very different from what I expect and was tough in school at least compared to what I assume it is like working in a more dedicated Agency. While me and my co worker usually need to come up with everything from scratch based on what is asked for by our supervisor. We need to come up with copy, design, how we go about it etc. I would believe that in an agency or from my experience in class assignments I have usually obtained a brief. that includes what is needed, copy, expected tone, target audience, and the overall scope of the assignment.

So at first I was confused on how to go about things. Especially with my designs. Over time I got used to it. With my co worker helping me out whenever I reached a mental block, or just giving me knowledge on things I can do that I previously did not know before.

Comparing this workplace to my understanding based on what I would think a dedicated graphic design studio would be compared to being a direct employee to Essen Healthcare as a graphic designer/ marketing person. From what I understand Design Agency would normally be more high pressure, direct with what is needed, based on clients. I feel like here I’m learning at a more comfortable pace.


Blog Post 7: Improvement

Now that I’m in a working environment. I spend a lot more hours improving my design skills.I’m usually free to come up with what I think is best. Usually sending 3 to 4 drafts starting starting from what I can come up with from the top of my head to sending those drafts and improvement on whichever is the best option.

Creating posts based on different health awareness days. Also creating content to promote different divisions within Essen Healthcare when asked to. Such as promoting their nutritionist or dentists. It can definitely feel daunting at times trying to come up with something from only what is asked that needs content. Since I usually don’t get a brief or copy. I need to come up with the concept and copy most of the time. Also do the research for the content I’m creating. Below are a few examples of post’s I have created in my opinion.

I believe these are the posts I have done the best on compared to the many I have done so far. I look forward to keep improving and get better at getting rid of bad ideas quicker to come up with good stuff for my portfolio and just overall keep improving in Graphic Design. Also Illustration since my goal is to create video game concept and character art. I feel that I can learn something even from the most mundane or repetitive tasks.

Blog Post 6: Internship Week 1 & Week 2

So far I have created more social media posts. Mainly for dental hygiene, different medical awareness days. I have also done some photo editing. I’m mainly working on different info graphics and have a time table to work on that includes different awareness days. This is so that I can have social media post’s ready to show that we support said day and are involved.

So far it is a pretty relaxing job. I have learned more about InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This is definitely a good starting job for me in my opinion. I feel like I’m mainly using this to have objectives and learn on the way to eventually much better positions and to enhance my portfolio in Graphic Design.

Blog Post 5: Internship Day 1

I finally have a job as a Graphic Designer. It is for Essen Healthcare. It is a very small department. It consists of two people, including myself. I currently have a part time position. My first assignment was to create a social media post for Domestic Violence Awareness. Also known as Purple day. I don’t really get much direction in what to create or a detailed brief. So the idea is to just come up with a few roughs. I usually come up with 3 and send them to my supervisor for feedback.

My focus is to work on improving the social media site and creating post’s that will get as much views as possible. The environment is that we don’t really have our own office or area. Since we are a very small team. We share a cubicle area with a call center for the company. The dress code is very casual. Jeans and regular shirt or button up, and sneakers.


Blog Post 4: First Interview

I recently had a interview for a graphic design position. The interview was for Essen Healthcare. a healthcare provider location in the Bronx. The position involves creating graphic pieces of advertising to promote the location and using social media to put it out there. I had the interview Friday on 9/29/17. The job gives me the freedom to create concepts that match the current month or theme or what is being recognized. Such as a holiday, or breast cancer awareness. It is a job that allows constant improvement on creating graphics and concepts based around them. I will know this week if I get the job or not.

It initially seems like a great starting position. The company seems new to the idea of promoting themselves with the mindset of a marketing person and using current platforms such as social media sites. along with traditional ideas such as posters and outdoor ads. With this I have multiple medias to work on a daily basis with.


Blog Post 3: Finding an Internship cont.

I have applied to jobs in places such as Editorialist Magazine, The 88, and B Robinson Optical. Also Equinox, Refinery 29, and Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. Most of these positions want the intern to work with all aspects of their creative direction and with the social media aspect as well. I’m looking for positions that apply to what I currently have a portfolio that goes with the position. I would hope to eventually work more in Illustration.

These were some of the suggested internships on the site along with a few others from Since that is the website I have had the most luck in finding previous jobs with.

I was also recommended a position from a friend. I sent him my resume and portfolio and hoped for the best. I believed this as networking at work and also being my best chance at employment.

Blog Post 2: Finding an Internship cont.

I feel I will need assistance with my resume. Since I don’t really have real world experience as a Graphic Designer. My focus for my senior project is Illustration and Video game art. I am creating and concept art book and looking to have some finished art pieces to start creating a portfolio within the next few months. For now I have a portfolio with mainly graphic design work and advertising from classwork. I would say its a bit rough. But it is better than nothing.

I have sent my portfolio and resume to a couple of more places by week 2 and 3. I would say about 10 per week. I decided afterword to work on my portfolio and resume a bit to improve my chances of finding work. and continue based on multiple feedback and suggestion given by professors and people in the field. I’m trying my best to work with what I currently have.

Blog Post 1: Finding an Internship

I still currently do not have an internship. I have applied to a few positions. Some recommended positions on the internship Openlab site. Most of the jobs I applied to have been on I have applied to a few Graphic Design intern positions. I would say about 15 at the moment. I have not received any response yet. I will continue my search more this week.

I figure this will be tough considering I’m searching for my first Graphic Design Related position. I’m more interested in Illustration, and Video Game Design. But I believe I should get anything I can find to overall build experience in the field and built upon that.