Gen Ed                                 Jan 26, 2012

High Impact Practices       February 24, 2012

Assessment                         March 2, 2012

OpenLab Training             March 9, 2012 OR March 23, 2012, OR April 27, 2012

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  1. Michelle says:

    The Fellows working on the Assessment Workshop have come up with the following preliminary workshop:

    Air Workshop for Associates 3/2/12 on Assessment
    –after event is over, take Fellows to separate location for more intimate group work

    1) Questions/cards developed by Doug after discussing SLO’s.
    2) 3 tools to be used–rubrics, test blue prints, pre/post tests………break the Fellows into 3 groups, equal among the 3 tools
    3) Each group will develop their own assessment tool or work off ones given to them, such as the rubric and a general test blueprint, so they have a working tool to start with.
    (perhaps Tammy has a general test blueprint)
    4) Leaders of each group will present how and why it was put together, and what was trying to be achieved.

    Printout of Blooms Taxonomy from Tammy

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