Getting Started

What is the OpenLab, and why use it?

Who is using the OpenLab?

Faculty across CityTech disciplines

Students taking courses, including those using ePortfolios

Staff throughout the College

How do I get started?

What is the Living Lab Title V Grant?

What are the responsibilities of the grant?



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  1. Mark says:

    Workshop Outline for General Education
    (Peter Catapano, Mark Noonan, Justin Davis, Charles Hirsch, Paul King)

    1) First and foremost, General Education seeks to place students’ needs and concerns at the center of our University
    2) We believe the Open Lab is an opportunity for students to make use of technological skills that allows them to be active participants in the collegiate conversation rather than spectators.
    3) General Education at City Tech promises to offer news ways to experience and deliver content. This promise must not only be technological but also physical. We want students to explore the wider campus outside the walls of our university. We also insist that the physical condition of the buildings itself be worthy of a first-class university.
    4) Students will become experiential learners who can make connections to the wider world. They are to become broadly educated, active citizens as well as skilled professionals.
    5) Students at City Tech will attend events that speak to interconnections across disciplines and that showcase the views of world renown experts and artists
    6) City Tech students will have a holistic view of education and will be adept in the skills of writing, quantitative analysis, and critical thinking regardless of their chosen field of study.

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