The course PHYS 3100 offers a study of classical mechanics from a more advanced perspective than freshman physics, with particular emphasis on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms. Topics include a review of Newtonian mechanics and the principle of conservation of energy and momentum, as well as the study of the calculus of variations, Lagrange’ s equations, two bodies central force problems, mechanics in non-inertial frames, rigid bodies, Hamiltonian mechanics, collision theory.

General course structure

Week 1 Newton’s laws of motion
Week 2 Air drag
Week 3 Linear and angular momentum
Week 4 Energy
Week 5 Oscillations
Week 6 Calculus of variations
Week 7 and 8 Lagrangian mechanics
Week 9 and 10 Two body problems
Week 11 and 12 Hamiltonian mechanics
Week 13 and 14 Rigid bodies
Week 15 Review and Final exam

Exam and homework policies are discussed in this link.

A copy of the syllabus in pdf format (including course policies) can be downloaded from this link.