Anderley Fequiere’s Journal 4

Today I learned about how to go about the text and what I need to do in order to make the text and weight make sense. The challenge I have ahead of me now is to find a good way to flow the huge amount of text in my Literary Arts Festival poster. The Project I am currently working on is the Literary Arts Festival which I will make 3 draft templates for next week Wednesday.

Anderley Fequiere’s Journal 3

Today I learned how to improve on my Composition for the Stronger Tomorrow and the color combinations. The challenge I have faced was putting the layout together and making the color, not overpower my illustration even though I found a way to balance it. The Project I am working on is still Stronger Tomorrow my Task now is to finalize my Layout and colors and get ready for next week Wednesday.

Anderley Fequiere’s Journal 2

I learned about how to make type make sense and how to position it in Indesign. what was Challenging was finding a new way to do color and how I would lay out the color. The next project I am working on is a redo of a poster for Stronger Tomorow in illustrative design, I will draw a woman deadlifting in a usual gym-like environment.

Internship Journal Entry 1

This is my first day in training at Faculty Commons.

What I learned today was the organization of and the rules of the office and what I could’ve done better for my City Tech Writer Project like the playing of visual weight and knowing the important parts of the poster’s information.

The challenging part so far is dealing with the email and how it should be done, otherwise I feel confident in my design ability just need to make something new and get familiar with my typography.

My brief explanation of the project I am doing is going to be a poster with a book being used as an attention grabber with text that balances out against the illustration itself.