Anderley Fequiere’s Journal 2

I learned about how to make type make sense and how to position it in Indesign. what was Challenging was finding a new way to do color and how I would lay out the color. The next project I am working on is a redo of a poster for Stronger Tomorow in illustrative design, I will draw a woman deadlifting in a usual gym-like environment.

1 thought on “Anderley Fequiere’s Journal 2

  1. Continue to practice what you learned today using Indesign, so that is becomes an actual skill that you can claim and use without thinking about it.
    Just like learning any skill, once you use the technique well, it is a matter of repeating that technique until it is automatic and informs how you approach the concept of design communication. What can design communicate? Who is the audience? Why would certain colors and type be used together? What resources are you using to make some informed decisions about design choices?

    With you new project ask yourself, who is the audience for this poster?
    how can I visually get them interested in the message that I am trying to communicate? How do I research (where) the subject of the project to get 3 or 4 concept sketches ready for the client? Note: Use sketches that you really want to develop (that you are excited about) and present them to your client. Listening to your client—in a laser-focused way—is an essential element of developing a professional and productive working relationship.
    Thank you for coming before your start time this morning, and coming in ready to dig in to your second day of training. You’ve made a good impression already.

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