Mid Semester Reflection

During my time here at FC I have enjoyed working with some of the faculty and working with the members of the design team. I enjoyed working on all of my projects because I learn something new every project. While working for WAC I learned how to adjust accordingly to the clients needs. I also learned the importance of double checking your work. I enjoy working with WAC because I had full creative freedom and the clients were  amazing with responding back and making sure everything went well.
One of the most challenging projects I did this semester was editing/updating the information of previous projects. While editing the projects I became extremely grateful for the current file naming and organization system. Eventually, with patience and persistance I was able to complete the edits and submit them on time.
The projects at FC has aligned with my professional career goals because it helped me gain the habit of being in constant communication. It has also taught me how to be consistent with my files and to ensure that all of my files have no errors. FC basically taught me to have a better eye for detail and a better ear for listening.

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