Day 1

What did you learn today?

Today I learned how to apply my skills that I have learned from class into projects that might be used for clients. I also learned about the organization and file naming process, and how this maintains order and makes it easily archivable. This is good for projects that has multiple versions and it is also good in cases where we might need to go back and revise or update older projects.

What challenges did you face today and how do you plan or hope to overcome them?

One of the challenges I faced was being able to create new ideas for projects introduced the same day. For instance, it took me a while to think of some possible layouts for the City Tech Writer posters. My thought process usually involves a lot of time to thinking of ideas. I’m afraid that I focus a lot into the conception and then when it comes to execution it comes off weaker than the idea because of time restraints. I plan on overcoming this worry by trying to make sure to organize my time well and to be able think faster and still make some good work.

In what way were you able to help each other?

We helped each other by sharing our work to each other and becoming an ear to each other. We listened to what our thought processes were and gave encouragement to continue the projects.

1 thought on “Day 1

  1. Hi Hoa, it can be difficult to work with tight deadlines. Sometimes less time can lead to clearer and more simple ideas, but it is a process to learn this and one I struggled with as well when I first joined. Research and sketching is key in this case. You can generate more ideas down faster before you step onto the computer. We try to manage having more time on projects to make them better overall, but tight deadlines can happen.

    Working with each other is essential during our projects! Talking with others about our ideas can help generate new ones or someone might have an idea on how to execute the idea better. So it’s great that you guys are practicing this with each other.

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