End of Semester Reflection Spring 2018

Now that your (semester/college career) is over what are some goals that you plan to work toward this summer?

To keep myself busy and always have a project/goal to work towards. Prof. Eli mentioned that I should work more on my time management and that is what I plan to do, starting yesterday 😀 I’d also like to stop being so self critical and post more art on instagram/twitter.

Looking back at (this past semester/your time) at FC:

What is one of the best experiences you had working here?

Probably the longest project I worked was that of Amplify Works alongside Prof. Berger. We had meetings on and off either here in FC or in her office as we hashed out just exactly how she wanted the poster. The original design went through a slew of changes before we FINALLY hit upon the final design. That whole journey up until the end result is one of my best experiences here.

What is one thing that could have been done to improve your experience working here?

Do more outside study based on graphic design. I spend all my free time aiding myself in my illustration career but I also need to remember that I also do love graphic design and would like to improve much more in that department.


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