Internship Journal Entry 2

On the second day of the training we learn about email etiquette and wrote an email to Professor Jordan regarding the redesign poster project. Before this exercise I always try to write as professional as I can when I write or response to email, but it is not always prefect. From this exercise I learned that it is important to keep email precise and not to repeat any unnecessary details. As a team William and Arianna helped me a lot on how to write appropriately.

On the feedbacks on my first poster design, I received many useful suggestions such as making sure the text is readable, the overall composition of the poster and finding good balance between the text and the illustration. Although it is good to make the text and illustration have some interaction, but in my case for the Earth Day poster, the text and the illustration need to have their own space in order for the composition to work and not to feel crowded.

I started to brainstorm for the second project, Choose Your Hood. I got some great idea for that and really excited to finalize it.

1 thought on “Internship Journal Entry 2

  1. Natalie,

    I am glad to hear that you learned a lot about email etiquette and you will get better in time. We are always here to help when it come to emailing so we can look it over before you send to your clients to make sure you send out the most appropriate email.

    Your Earth Day poster came out great! Great to hear your thought on the copy and image and how they work together and how to use our advice to make your edits.

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