Spring 2016 Reflection

Have you accomplished your Mid-Semester goals? How have you accomplished those goals?

Yes, I have. My mid-semester goal was the finish all my projects so I could focus all my energy on the Nucleus, and I have accomplished that. Now I set my sights on the Nucleus.

Have you completed your work with your clients and closed all loops? Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester?

Yes, all my client work has been finished and all loops have been closed. As far as work is concerned this semester has been good, despite a few small hiccups with scheduling, and one canceled event my clients and I put out good work this semester, so I am happy

How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Summer Break?

This summer I want to come up with a plan to better streamline my client work so I can hopefully avoid the problems I ran into this semester.

One thought on “Spring 2016 Reflection

  1. Marlon,

    I am so sorry to hear about the hiccups you had during the semester and I hope that you can avoid those in the future. Im glad to hear you are happy with your projects and I hope the Nucleus goes well (Cant wait to see the final!). Glad you able to handle you FC projects and do extremely well in your classes. Continue to keep the work going! I hope you have a relaxing summer!

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