End of Semester Reflection (Fall 2015)

1. Project Management

This semester I was working on the Scholars Exchange series and I was tasked with coming up with a new design for this series of talks. I met with my client where we decided in which direction the design would go, then a date was set for me to submit the new design for approval which was the 22 of September. After the design was approved there were several posters to be created for Tuesday morning talks, and those poster had to be ready at least one week before the talks. There was not a set date for me to receive content, because my client could only get the content to me after she got them from the speakers, and those times varied. Nevertheless, my client and I were able to get everything done on time.

2. Design Skills/Techniques

A challenge that I faced this semester was the Gen Ed redesign. I was tasked to create a new and fun way to present the Gen Ed flexible core classes. I settled on the idea that I would create symbols to represent the categories and it was working great until I got the category of ‘U.S. Experience in its Diversity’. I could find an image to represent it, I was completely stumped, but thanks to the help of my the design team and a great deal of internet searches I came up with a solution.

3. Work Relationships

I have been a part of the Faculty Commons design team for a while now so I have had a chance to establish a relationship with most of the people in the office. Being a part of design team is a blast; we have a lot of fun. Sometimes a little too much fun and prof. J has to come let us know when we’re being too loud. I Think the way we build relationships on the design team is by eating, out lunches together are always a nice part my day.

The way I communicate with my clients is mostly through email, except for Ms. Burke who I get to have numerous face to face meetings with because of our close working proximity.

The case the is the same for my coworkers. I’m I get to work in an office with all these wonderful people, especially at the end of the semester when they bring all the food for the holiday parties.

One thought on “End of Semester Reflection (Fall 2015)

  1. Marlon your comments are appreciated. You have a very engaging way of working with fellow design team members and while having fun, have figured out how to meet deadlines.

    As you continue to develop your work ethic, I look forward to your taking on more project management tasks that require you to develop a production schedule that, once created, can be vetted and become a useful skill.

    Thank you for working with Loubna in laying out the design parameters for the New Faculty Welcome. She was successful in that project because of the guidance you provided.

    You will have some new design challenges as you continue to produce the Nucleus. And we all will support you in that effort. Having a guest editor will be a new experience for us all. I look forward to enjoying that learning process with you in Spring 2016.

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