Loubna’s FC Reflection

Project Management 

I started working with the WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) fellows. They had a serious of workshops that ran through out the semester. I designed a postcard that announced the dates of all 4 workshops of the semester. For each workshop, I had to design a poster. They all included the same connecting theme/ design, with different graphics for each workshop. During the same time, I designed a poster for the Living Lab symposium for their 5th year anniversary. I recently began working on a big project that I’m excited about, which is the Literary Arts Festival event. It includes a series of designs that vary from postcards, posters, bookmarks, thank you cards, t-shirt designs and more. I was able to complete the postcard design and work on recruiting students and performers for the writing competition and festival. I also worked on the New Faculty invitation cards for their orientation and following that, I will be revising the seminar program for the 2016 year. I’m always looking forward new and exciting projects.

2. Design Skills/Techniques 

InDesign is one of the most important aspects of my design techniques. After laying out and brainstorming different words and designs on paper, I like to “sketch” on Indesign and start working. I like to try many different ideas at once and a big part of my design process is research.

I use other programs as well like photoshop for images and effects, and illustrator for logos. That being said, InDesign is where I’m most skilled at and can use different tricks to get my idea executed properly.

3. Work Relationships 
Explain how you communicate and build relationships with the following:
A. Design Team
Having a design team is very important and very supportive. I design for other programs around campus, but at Faculty Commons, my work turns out as a better result because I have people around me who are in the field and who give helpful feedback by telling me what works and what doesn’t work. Mandy is always around to help with my designs. I call her my Art Director. Kevin, who is a technology and web master is also around if I’m having any sort of technical difficulties. Other members in the design team like Marlon, Mayan, Dorian, Raciel, William, and Mathew help with both the design and editing in case there are any grammatical errors or misspellings.
B. Clients
I worked with Professor Devers for the WAC poster designs and was always in contact with Jacob, who was one of the WAC fellows. For the Living Lab Symposium, I worked with Professors Westengard and Mathews to create the Microbes to Stars, 5th year celebration poster.
I am currently working for with Professor Ostrom, and Professor Sears for the Literary Arts Festival. I have to say that I am extremely excited to continue working with them on this project. It is an important event that needs proper promotion, and I’m excited to be the one designing for them this year.
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One thought on “Loubna’s FC Reflection

  1. Loubna,
    You are very engaged with your clients and they comment on how much they appreciate working with you. Developing client relationship skills are very important in all career areas, certainly communication with clients around concept of design, is key to success. Of course, time management is also important in delivering on the promise.

    This semester, it will be important to write down and develop a time line and production schedule, especially with LAF as you may have several projects going on at the same time and they each have to be cared for so mapping out a clear written plan / graph with dates and deliverables are critical to success.

    It is a pleasure working with you and your team members. I look forward to a productive Spring 2016 in Faculty Commons with the Design team.

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