Week 5 – Data Compression, review Digital Audio

Data Compression, review digital audio


Asynchronous AssignmentS (due next week)

    • What amplitude reference level/units do we use for digital audio?
    • What is the sample rate of digital audio?  How do we calculate the Nyquist Frequency from the sample rate?
    • What is the bit depth of digital audio?  How do we calculate the dynamic range resolution from the bit depth?
    • What is data compression used for?
    • What are 3 file types that indicate data compression?

Please submit your response as a .pdf file and name it “Week 5 Asynchronous ENT1270 [YOURLASTNAME]”.  eg. “Week 5 Asynchronous ENT1270 Werden.pdf”.  Copy your submission to the ENT2370 Asynchronous Submission Folder.