Week 1 – Review Sound 1 practical final and cables/connectors

Welcome, Syllabus and Calendar, Review Sound 1 Practical final and cables/connectors


Asynchronous AssignmentS (due next week)

    • Prefader vs Postfader:

Please write a few sentences defining a prefader vs postfader aux send.  What are each commonly used for?  What is the difference between them?

    • Connecting Reverb:

Please check out the lab setups to refresh your memory on connecting a reverb to the soundcraft EPM 6.

    • Purchase Tools.

Please submit your response as a .pdf file and name it “Week 1 Asynchronous ENT1270 [YOURLASTNAME]”.  eg. “Week 3 Asynchronous ENT1270 Werden.pdf”.  Copy your submission to the ENT2370 Asynchronous Submission Folder.