Rodney Yarbrough Lumber report

When I first found out about this assignment I panic because I had no idea where any lumber yards were at. So I drove around areas where I knew lumber yards would be at but no luck. I found brick yards, metal work and place to get gates made but no lumber. So I typed in google lumber yards in queens and I’ve found Richmond Hill lumber which is located 115 – 02 Atlantic Avenue Jamaica NY 11419.

When I first walked in the place, the first thing I saw was  stacks of sheet rock waiting to be put in a truck. once i was fully in, I saw was wood all over the place, forklifts and ladders. there was 2 x 4’s, plywood and any other types of wood you can think of. These woods was all different shapes and sizes. So as i’m waiting and looking for some one to talk to, I seen a door open and a guy came out. I walked over to the door and walked in and there was a room full of tools. I saw all kinds of power tools like electric saws, drills, screwdrivers, screws and so on.

I spoke with one of the sales rep and I asked him a few questions and he told me they are known for framing lumber. I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked it up. Framing Lumber is light structural lumber used for residential construction. he also mentioned they do mill work. the also specialize in hand tools. when i ask him what makes this store stand out he said they have the best service.

The store wasn’t hard to find and all the tool was neatly on the shelf’s. everything was right in front of you when you walk into the store was small and the yard wasn’t too big. I spent about 20 minutes looking around and talking. It was nice to visit some place different.

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  1. That’s a great find. Not very many places in the five boroughs have access to a serious lumber yard like that.

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