Week 6 – Mixers, Prefader and Postfader Aux Sends

Mixers, Prefader and Postfader Aux sends


    • Check out the Soundcraft EPM Tech Data at soundcraft.com.
    • Read about aux sends at sweetwater.com.
    • Read about busses vs aux sends at soundonsound.com.  Note: the British term “foldback” is the same as a prefader aux send, usually used to send signal to performer headphones, in-ear monitors, or stage monitors.

Asynchronous AssignmentS (due next week)

  • What are the possible inputs and outputs to the EPM6? Note: Outputs are in the Master Section.
  • What is the difference between a prefader and postfader aux send?  What are each commonly used for?
  • What is a bus and what is it used for?

Please submit your response as a .pdf file and name it “Week 6 Asynchronous ENT1270 [YOURLASTNAME]”.  eg. “Week 6 Asynchronous ENT1270 Werden.pdf”.  Copy your submission to the Asynchronous Submission Folder.